When Did Men Stop Wearing Their Hair Long Throughout History?

Did you know that archbishops of the Roman Empire did not bless men who wore their hair long? As a result, men were forced to grow their hair short. The Romans had long hair until Julius Caesar invaded Gaul and forcibly shaved their heads so they could easily differentiate themselves from their enemies. The cut remains popular today. When did men start wearing their hair long again?

While long hair has always been associated with femininity, it was once seen as a sign of class and culture. In North America, most men still wear their hair long. It has both cultural and ceremonial value. Many cultures value a handsome man, and cutting one’s hair short was a sign of weakness and cowardice. The indigenous cultures of South America also hold this traditional value. Men in their societies typically wear their hair long or short.

The First World War was a turning point in the history of hairstyles for men. Before this conflict, both sexes had long hair. However, during trench warfare, the combatants were forced to shave their heads because they had to deal with fleas. Additionally, long hair was a hazard when operating machinery. However, in the post-war world, long hair has become the norm.

In the fifth century, the Merovingian dynasty of France began wearing long hair. They were an outlier among Franks at the time. It is said that the shorter hairstyle was only tolerated because it could remove the throne or destroy political rivals. However, this long-haired look never fully vanished. The Beatles and Bob Marley were influential in the popularity of long hair in the 1960s.

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