What Are the Differences Between Semi-truck Accidents and Car Accidents in Minnesota?

Considering the size and mass of semi trucks, it is not surprising that crashes involving these big rigs can be exceptionally dangerous. Any motor vehicle collision can have terrible effects. Although a personal injury claim made following a regular vehicle accident will resemble one made following a collision with a big truck, there are a few key distinctions between the two cases. Grand Junction car accident attorney will be able to help you with any legal trouble you might be facing. Below, we examine some key differences between vehicle and semi-truck accidents in Minnesota.

Just after a Semi Truck Accident – Things To Think About

Here are a few critical distinctions that must be considered when making a claim for personal injury if a semi-truck driver hurts you.

  • How The Mishap Occurred?

Finding the cause of an automobile accident is always crucial, but when a large rig is involved, there are additional considerations. For instance, a semi-truck has a much greater blind area than a car, making it more difficult to avoid collisions. Similar to a vehicle with four tires, a semi-truck frequently has many more. With more tires, there is a higher possibility that a tire will rupture due to a flaw or stress, which could result in an accident. Put bluntly. There is a greater chance that the collision was caused by a human error or equipment failure.

  • What are your options?

To protect their interests following an accident, trucking businesses frequently have the support of major insurance carriers and groups of attorneys. Because you are unfamiliar with the injury payment scheme, they can try to intimidate you into accepting a hasty and meager settlement for your injuries. To ensure you receive everything you are entitled to, you must have a specialist if they have attorneys on the opposing side.

  • Driving Rules

Truck drivers must abide by several additional safety rules when driving. For instance, compared to the ordinary person, they have lesser allowable limits for the quantity of alcohol that can be in their system. Additionally, drivers are not permitted to work longer than a predetermined number of hours per day or for a predetermined period. You might be able to argue that drowsy or distracted driving caused the accident if they were operating beyond these restrictions.

  • Damage Relevance

Lastly, every form of a motor vehicle collision can result in serious injuries. However, truck collisions are frequently significantly more severe owing to the size and mass of the involved vehicles. To receive a just compensation award, you must consider all relevant circumstances. This is because car accidents involving semi-trucks are more likely to result in severe injury or death than accidents involving just one or more other vehicles.

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