How to Prepare a Travel Trailer for Storage

Whether you’re putting your RV up for short-term storage or long-term storage, it’s always a good idea to prepare it properly. Here are some ways to prepare your RV for storage. Keep in mind that these tips will only be as good as the philosophy that inspires them. Remember that there are many options for RV storage, but these tips should be used with care. Before you put your RV away for storage, you should check its safety features and make sure that all locks are secure.

Clean the inside and out of the RV. To remove food and water stains, you should wipe down all surfaces and sinks. You should also empty the trashcan. In addition, you should wipe down the cabinets and wipe down the surfaces inside the RV. Make sure to remove any perishable items and unplug the refrigerator and freezer to avoid condensation. You should also place baking soda in the refrigerator to prevent mold from forming.

When you are not using your trailer, you can store it in a garage, attic, or covered outdoor parking space. This option is more affordable than indoor storage, but it may not be as secure. You can also rent a 10-by-feet drive-up storage unit that is about ten feet long. If you have a small travel trailer, you can use a 10-foot drive-up storage unit. If your trailer is over forty feet, you may have to rent a parking space that is at least thirty feet long.

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