Why isn’t Anyone Doing Anything to Fix the Education System?

If the educational system isn’t broken, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? While our educational system has failed us in many ways, it isn’t broken in its core functions. Schools have been forced to perform these functions by state legislatures, but they’re not a part of the culture. We need a robust system to give our children a meaningful education.

While we’re all for improving the education system, our current approach is causing more harm than good. Instead of instilling lasting knowledge and stimulating curiosity, education has become about test scores and standardized testing. It’s no wonder so many children are falling behind in school and dropping out. The United Nations even ranked Norway as the best place to live for children in the world, but the U.S. has a long way to go before it’s truly fixable.

The educational system has fallen behind in many aspects. Currently, three out of four third-grade students can’t even name their dog. Hundreds of millions of young adults are failing to acquire basic skills like reading a doctor’s instructions or understanding a bus schedule. This is not a sustainable model in an era of change. Fortunately, there are many innovative programs on the way that are improving education. But we have to take action now to fix our broken system.

The reason schools are so broken is because of the monopoly of educational institutions. This gives school systems an incentive to teach to the test. Teachers often feel no motivation to help students if they are not earning their salaries. Similarly, parents are no longer treated as clients in education. This is detrimental to future progress. Ultimately, we must fix the education system. And that starts with parents. But, parents need to take the initiative and do something about it. You can also click here for more information. Read more about

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