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What New is Happening in the Field of Education?

The future of education is not merely defined by the standards that have been in place for generations. It’s also shaped by the new realities of social media and the internet. More students have access to information and a greater variety of sources, making the impact of academic standards more fluid. While many students master a certain standard based on a predetermined ‘cut score,’ they may not be able to analyze, use, or find information in unfamiliar situations. This new environment calls for a rethinking of our current educational model. The codex of academic standards needs to change in size, scale, and function.

The need for more teachers is a key issue, but new approaches are emerging to attract more and keep teachers. One example is the Minority Scholars Program, which started 15 years ago in a single high school and has since spread to 25 middle schools. It currently engages more than 2,000 students. In a Chicago suburb, union members are working to help new teachers succeed. In addition to providing professional development, they also offer racial justice trainings and workshops on how trauma impacts student learning.

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Digital media and social media are increasingly dictating jobs. While academic institutions have always emphasized preparing students for careers in law, medicine, and engineering, they may need to rethink their certification systems to stay relevant. In the meantime, many public schools are investing in innovative new approaches to education. If these trends continue, they may soon become mainstream. That doesn’t mean that traditional educational models should be thrown out.

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