What Is the Use of English in Education?

If you are a school-going child, you have probably asked yourself, “What is the use of English in education?” Many children say that it is for exams and admission into good secondary schools, but students also say it is for the sake of their own emotional development and to fulfill their parents’ expectations. However, the use of English in education goes far beyond the academic setting. It has far-reaching social and emotional benefits.

In the case of ELs, there is also evidence that learning to read in one’s mother tongue improves reading achievement in the second language. Such transfers may include phonological awareness, background knowledge, and comprehension skills. While these benefits cannot be denied, they don’t mean that English should be discouraged outside of the classroom. Here are some reasons why English is used in education. You may be wondering:

Regardless of the reasons for English use, it is important to know that it has a variety of functions. Many teachers argue for a multidisciplinary approach, where English is taught across subjects. However, the debate continues to swirl around the definition of “literacy,” and many teachers don’t consider themselves qualified to handle language problems. Furthermore, curricula are already crowded with national standards and parental expectations.

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One of the major reasons why English is used in education is the breadth of its application. It is an essential subject, and English language teachers have made great progress in rationalizing their programs. The use of English in education has evolved from a simple practice to a highly developed, multifaceted program. The National Council of Teachers of English published two publications in the 1930s laying out the principles and essentials of an experience curriculum. In addition, teachers now advocate for a more systematic approach, one that incorporates language activities throughout the entire school curriculum.

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