Types Of Workplace Discrimination That Are Eligible For A Lawsuit

Workplace discrimination is a common practice in several office environments. While it is widespread, it is unethical and against the law. So if you are wondering whether your workplace discrimination incident can be reported or not, the answer is yes. 

Any type of small or big unethical workplace discrimination is eligible for punishment, and you must raise your voice against injustice. However, you will need an experienced Discrimination attorney in Virginia to have your back. Dealing with a company or big firm is difficult as they have a team of lawyers to fight back, so it is practically impossible to fight a lawsuit against them without experts by your side. You can check the website here. 

In addition, there are several aspects to proving workplace discrimination n court, like gathering enough evidence, getting people to testify, and most importantly, not risking your career’s future growth in the midst of all this. 

If you are confused about whether you are a part of workplace discrimination, here are the prevalent ways people go through discrimination and humiliation in a professional environment without fault. 

Types of workplace discrimination that are eligible for a lawsuit

  • Race or color discrimination 

Discrimination that restricts you from having equal growth opportunities in your career because of your race, like hair, facial features, etc., comes under racial discrimination. Moreover, people denied job opportunities because of their skin color are victims of color discrimination. 

Discriminations like these are highly immoral as the peon suffering from them were born that way, and they face any injustice base on their identity. Discrimination can include denying a pro, motion, or project opportunity, having a low salary compared to others in the same position, treating a person with disrespect, or harassing them. 

  • Gender discrimination 

Discrimination denies a person an equal career or growth opportunity because of gender. Gender discrimination involves treating some differently because they are pregnant or forming an opinion base on gender stereotypes. 

Moreover, gender discrimination includes treating people with injuries because of their gender identification or sexual orientation. Treating some with disrespect because they do not belong to the majority population of genders or because they have a different sexual orientation than others of their sex is a violation of the law. 

Gender discrimination is often seen by denying a job offer, discriminating in equal wages, or a similar platform for growth for the individual. It also includes disrupting or harassing them for their preference in personal life. 

Discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation can result in severe depression and anxiety. So you must take immediate action against the person or organization with the help of an experienced discrimination lawyer. 

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