How to deal with child custody in a divorce?

The divorce between the parents is one of the most pathetic things that can occur in a child’s life. The separation of the pillars of life causes a very shock to the suffering child. It is like their perfect life changes all of a sudden. But the most relevant question that arises in this phase is where will the child go after the divorce? More specifically, who will get the custody of the kid, the beloved dad or the most loving mother? To solve the issue, consulting Turco Legal, P.C. will be the best decision as they can help by stating the laws, needful steps, and claims about child custody in divorce.

  1. Legal rules: In a divorce, the law suggests that the child should be taken into the custody of the mother. In that case, the father has to provide all the necessary expenses for the child to the mother. Any negligence in taking care of and grooming the child will be counted as a punishable offense, and legal steps will be taken.
  2. Claim of the father: Though the law suggests that the child should be taken into the mother’s custody, the father can claim for it. If the father is willing to take the child’s custody, he may appeal for it. If the court finds him capable and dutiful enough regarding the grooming and bringing up of the child, the verdict for keeping the custody of the child goes for the father. 
  3. Custody during the case time: When the divorce case is ongoing, the child is kept under the custody of the Government. Until the whole procedure is done, the child stays under the custody of the authority. This step is taken to protect the child from witnessing and facing domestic rage, tensions, and ongoing separation of the parents, as these can have a deep impact on the child’s mind. 
  4. Custody of the child when no one is interested: When a divorce case is on, and none of the parents is interested in keeping the child, the law takes custody of the child. The child is sent home under the custody of the Government. The authority takes custody of the child until they are grown up into an adult. 

Now, keep these points mentioned above in mind as you decide to go for divorce. These will help you reduce the impact of the separation on the child. 

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