Drafting a Compelling Demand Letter for Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim is a way to obtain the financial losses that you have encountered as a result of an accident. When someone else was negligent and his actions caused you injuries, you are entitled to receive compensation. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in this matter. You must contact him via his official website and discuss the case during the free consultation.

Writing a demand letter to the insurance company

A demand letter is a request for compensation explaining why you are seeking it. A demand letter plays a vital role at the time of the negotiation. That’s why, it is suggested to write the most effective and compelling one. When you are drafting this letter, you should emphasize the below-mentioned key points:

Liability of the accident 

One of the most challenging parts of any claim is determining the liability. You should start your letter by stating how the accident occurred and how the negligent party breached the duty of care. It should also explain what you did right after the accident including calling the police and seeking medical attention. Everything should be precise and understandable. 

Your involvement in the case

It is important to understand that your involvement in the case may reduce your claim amount. Experts suggest that you should never mention your involvement in the accident even if you were partially responsible for it. You should leave the arguments to your personal injury lawyer. If you accept your mistake, you are likely to hurt your case.

Explain your injuries and treatment 

When writing a demand letter to your insurance company, you should not forget to explain your injuries as well as the treatment you are receiving for these injuries. It will make the most important part of your claim amount. That’s why, you need to organize your medical reports and treatment details properly.

Medical bills

All claims will pay you the compensation for your medical bills. However, if you don’t have them, you will not be able to get any amount. Therefore, you must have the details of expenses such as doctor’s visits, and costs associated with medicines, tests and scans. Your demand letter must include the details of all these expenses. 

Apart from these details, you should also include other losses such as income losses, benefits and perks. If you are confused about writing this letter, you must get in touch with your lawyer.

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