5 Marketing Collateral You Need to Start a Business

Marketing collateral refers to the media that can be used to deliver information to existing and potential customers. It enables brands to learn new ways to overcome challenges that may arise while selling products and services. From blog posts, flyers, digital magazines, brand stories, posters, and landing pages to product catalogs, you can make use of any type of marketing collateral to communicate your offers to your audience. Therefore, if you want to improve your brand’s visibility, you should work on its marketing collateral. We will introduce highly effective marketing collateral you should incorporate while starting a new business.

5 Must-Have Marketing Collateral for Your Business

Let’s take a look at the best 5 marketing collateral that will take your business to a new level:


First, you need to work on your brand’s website. No matter what you sell, a website will help you maintain an online presence at all times for people across the world.

Generally, a good website comprises various sections, such as About Us, Blogs, Product Listings, and Contact Us. Make sure these pages on your website provide answers to the following questions:

  • What can you offer to your customers?
  • Who are the people behind your company?
  • Where your company’s head office is located?
  • How to get in touch with your company?
  • When and why did you start this company?

Besides, your product listings should include all the relevant details related to your products, such as prices, photos, and material. Similarly, you need to ensure that your blog posts contain interesting information that would attract new customers to your products. For instance, you can add content that informs your customers about different ways to use the products. You can also add product reviews and comment section under every product to let your audience know what makes your products stand out from what your competitors have to offer.

Social Media Profiles

Your social media presence is crucial for your brand. By setting up your profile on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you can gain your audience’s trust and keep them engaged with your posts. So, make sure you add all the information related to your brand to increase your visibility on each platform.


Whether you are sending out monthly newsletters or promotional offers at your newly launched outlet, ensure that you maintain a professional style and tone at all times. Insert your brand’s signature in every email to let your audience understand your brand and remember its logo. In addition, you should consider adding your customer support team’s email address, link to your website, contact number, and complete address of your head office, warehouse, or your outlets. It is always a good idea to add links to your social media profiles so that your audience could stay in touch with your brand and keep themselves updated with the latest offers.

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Landing Pages

Every marketing campaign consists of landing pages to direct the audience to a specific link through an ad. You can add a form that requires your potential customers to enter their contact information, such as email address or phone number. If you don’t want your audience to skip this step, then add it in the form of a popup that displays on top of the landing page.

This way, you can gather information about your prospective customers and use it to generate leads in the future. If you are running multiple campaigns, it is better to add multiple landing pages that direct your audience to the same link once they have entered their contact details in the form.

Online Advertisements

Targeting your audience with online ads is an effective way to grow your business. You can make use of various platforms, such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and AdMob to display banner ads, popups, in-stream video ads, interstitial ads, and even text and image ads on your audience’s screens.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned the benefits of marketing collateral for your business, we recommend you follow our suggested ways to grow your business. You can choose any of the abovementioned collateral and it will help you reach your targets in no time!

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